The State of NYC Digital Health 2020

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The State of NYC Digital Health 2020

We are pleased to bring you this special report examining The State of NYC Digital Health.

The first half of 2020 will stand out in New Yorkers’ minds for years to come. Virtually overnight in March, our city became the nation’s epicenter of COVID-19. In June, we began a reckoning about racism’s long-term impact on society. Health disparities and inequities during the pandemic were front and center. NYCHBL partnered with AlleyCorp to understand the impact of this historic moment on our healthcare ecosystem, particularly digital health, which had been growing strongly prior COVID-19.

We fielded a survey inviting leaders with direct experience in the New York digital health market to participate. Within a month we had data and insights from 100+ entrepreneurs, investors, clinicians, and professionals. We also examined funding data by quarter, stage and sector. This report analyzes all of the findings and shares many of the thoughtful reflections of NYC’s digital health leaders.

Special thanks to J.P. Morgan for their support of the report.

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