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Featured Sponsor

We have an exceptional group of corporate sponsors who not only believe in our mission but also provide advice, support and often space. Each month we highlight different Platinum and Gold sponsors.

With studios in Stockholm, New York, Dubai and Shanghai, Veryday is the best-kept secret behind some of the world’s most successful business ventures. Veryday has developed a truly unique process for open and democratic transformative thinking through decades of design experience, engaging a full range of diverse skills from the outset of a project. Throughout the years they have turned their human-centred design values into deep innovation methods framing relevant value generation within networks of stakeholders.

By prototyping emotional micro-experiences, bringing people together on an emotionally engaging journey, they challenge given assumptions and maintain a focus on outcomes and performance. Together with their clients they unlock unmet needs of patients, caregivers, HCPs, payers, providers and other stakeholders and reimagine new opportunities based on these needs. Veryday has positioned itself at the forefront of holistic business design by using a deep design practice that takes human-centred product and service design competencies to new contexts.

Connect with US president Jakob Boije to learn more.