A veteran venture capitalist weighs in on “Hot or Not”

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A veteran venture capitalist weighs in on “Hot or Not”

We were privileged to have Silicon Valley powerhouse Lisa Suennen in the audience on January 30th for Hot or Not: Where Will the Money Flow in 2014? Lisa wrote up her observations of the program on her popular blog Venture Valkyrie.

Excerpt from Lisa’s post: In New York, You’ve Got to Have all the Luck

I was in NY two weeks ago and ended up at a NYC Health Business Leaders event put on by Bunny Ellerin that I hadn’t planned to attend.  I was invited by my comrade-in-arms, Milena Adamian and was so glad I went. I got to see a ton of old friends and make some new ones and hear a really interesting panel that had 5 investors on the one hand, and an audience of about 100 on the other hand, both weighing in on what’s hot and what’s not on the healthcare investment front.

The panel itself included 5 investors: my friends Bijan Salihizedah of Navimed and Max Kahn of Merck GHI were there, as were Cecilia Gonzalo of Essex Woodlands, Phillipe Chambon of New Leaf Ventures and Brad Weinberg from Blueprint Health.    Lots of investment experience was represented, as well as broad experience from the many healthcare sector.

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