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Leadership during COVID-19

Two weeks ago, we launched a new initiative to recognize the efforts of those displaying leadership during COVID-19. We call it #NYCHBLeaders. Each day on LinkedIn, Twitter and via our members-only group, we feature one company or individual providing significant value to the community. Below you’ll see highlights from the first few weeks.

PulsePoint made a multi-million dollar media pledge to help health marketers reach digital audiences by broadcasting COVID-19 related PSAs, recruiting patients for COVID-19 clinical trials and those impacted by the virus. Email covidresponse@pulsepoint.com to join their efforts.

GoMo Health is deploying its telehealth digital therapeutic and chat to state and community organizations, healthcare providers, plans and hotlines around the country to help them handle the increased volume of inquiries.


Savor Health is offering free unlimited access to Ina®, the “Intelligent Nutrition Assistant,” so home bound or otherwise isolated cancer patients / caregivers have access to personalized evidence-based nutrition and symptom management support 24/7 “on demand” via text.

TheTeleDentists are offering discounted consults for patients unable to see their dentists during COVID-19. Dental is one of the most overlooked parts of healthcare and often the gateway to many other conditions.

Pager announced a new COVID-19 forward triage and telemedicine solution that can help millions of people navigate coronavirus symptoms, care, and the testing process in a matter of minutes.

Unite NYC Partnership– Unite UsAIRnyc & Public Health Solutions have partnered to create Unite NYC, a coordinated care network of health and social care providers. Leveraging the Unite Us platform, partners can send and receive electronic referral and address social determinants of health in real-time.

Remedy Health Media conducted a survey “How is the COVID-19 Outbreak Impacting You?” focused primarily on the estimated 60% of Americans who live with chronic conditions. The results are fascinating, especially that 77% say they would NOT share if they tested positive.

BDO Health published a checklist for upstream & downstream care coordination and virtual health workflow. As the pandemic continues to spread, hospitals’ priority is patient care and limiting loss of life. They must be able to safely and ethically address the drastic surges in patient care demand.

tellic is giving scientists free access to their AI tool that accelerates #COVID19 research. tellic graph.C19 enables any researcher to instantly access integrated knowledge from previous experience with coronaviruses, including SARS and MERS, as well as gain insights from the growing sea of biomedical data on COVID-19.

David Putrino, Director Of Rehabilitation Innovation at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai has been an absolute superhero in working to combat COVID-19. He created a #frontlinestrong recharge room for frontline hospital staff, devised a series of easy-to-use, visually appealing infographics in English and Spanish to help people order food and services online and co-developed the Mount Sinai Health System Precision Recovery platform for tracking and monitoring system informing individuals when to visit an emergency room.