Q1 2021 Funding Report featured in Crain’s NY

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Q1 2021 Funding Report featured in Crain’s NY

As featured in our new Q1 2021 Funding Report, with 2.4B invested across 64 innovative start-ups, Q1 2021 will go down in NYC funding history as the largest quarter ever. NYCHBL CEO & Co-founder Bunny Ellerin recently spoke to Crain’s NY Business about the explosion in NY healthcare funding and what we can expect for Q2 and beyond.

“We’re seeing bigger and bigger rounds for these late-stage companies, dwarfing early-stage companies that are still raising capital comparable to previous levels.” 


The article also discussed the eight “mega rounds” including companies such as telehealth provider Ro ($500 million), health payment tool Cedar ($200 million) and Medicaid/dual-eligible health provider Cityblock ($192 million). It’s likely Q2 will see similarly large rounds, but the momentum could start to slow down by Q3.

“It can’t go on forever, there will be saturation at some point, and we will start to see some consolidation.”


The Q1 2021 Funding Report is available for download here.