Leadership during COVID-19 (May 8th)

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Leadership during COVID-19 (May 8th)

Thanks to our #NYCHBLeaders for all you are doing during COVID-19. These are our featured leaders from the past few weeks. If you’d like to nominate a company, please complete this form.

AbleTo is offering free mental health resources to help us all cope, as the COVID-19 crisis is taking a toll on all aspects of our life. These include guided meditation videos on managing stress and learning mindfulness.

3DBio Therapeutics – Usually, their 3D-bioprinting technology is used to make implants for therapeutic applications like reconstruction of the outer ear in children born with Microtia. In light of COVID-19, they have completely re-tooled the company to make and deliver respirators for hospitals in need.

CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy are providing relevant, accurate information about and for New Yorkers during COVID-19. Their COVID-19 Tracking Survey is monitoring population health during the crisis, including economic impact, ongoing physical and mental health status, risk perception.

Clarify Health has been equipping hospital frontlines with actionable insights to rapidly triage patients and plan resourcing during COVID-19, and for their work helping health plans prepare for membership changes. Click here for more insights in a new blog post and also be sure to watch the on-demand webinar.

Osmosis is redefining what medical education can and should be! Their videos and graphics are instructive and entertaining; the Daily COVID-19 Report with Rishi Desai is a must-see for clear, easy-to-understand explanations of what’s really going on. Most importantly, CEO Shiv Gaglani believes we need to “raise the line,” meaning increase healthcare capacity, so that’s the goal: training the next generation of healthcare workers. Visit their website and take the #RaiseTheLine pledge to get 3 weeks of Osmosis for free.
Global Healthy Living Foundation has been doing incredible work in helping those living with chronic disease. To help during COVID-19, their team has developed a free program for patients and their families to access updated information, community support, and other resources tailored specifically to patients’ health and safety.

Crossix & their partner Acxiom, have also partnered with Data For Good to release Crossix audience segments free of charge, to send COVID-19 public service messages to targeted populations in a privacy-safe way (which is key). For those interested, email crossix_digitalconnect@veeva.com to take advantage of this generous offer and find out more at: https://crossix.com/ 

Anand Gan and his 3 children – Harrison, Leela and Carter – make up the band Gan Family Rocks. Enjoy this fabulous song that will make you smile. And more of the same on their album Love is the Answer. Talk about taking home schooling to a whole new level during #COVID19!

Aequitas Partners has launched The Health Talent Exchange, a marketplace where companies still growing can post jobs and job seekers can find them. COVID-19 has tragically upended the lives of so many people, particularly regarding employment, so we applaud Tim Gordon and his team for putting together this important resource.

Aetion has launched an exciting new collaboration with HealthVerity. Together these innovative companies have created an integrated Real-Time Evidence Platform, to allow biopharma, regulators, & public health officials to generate evidence on the usage, safety, and effectiveness of prospective treatments for COVID-19. They also launched the Real-Time Trend Reporting and Interactive Data Visualizer, a tool to help stakeholders understand the impact of COVID-19 on how patients, infected or not, are accessing health care resources.

Elektra Health is on mission to smash the menopause taboo… and to help out during COVID-19 they are offering free 15-minute telehealth visits with board-certified MDs and NPs for general women’s health needs as well as regular hormonal-health care.
Dr. Craig Smith, Surgeon-in-Chief at Columbia University Irving Medical Center has been doing daily COVID-19 updates, in which he tells it like it is, in a way that is genuine, empathetic, pragmatic, and often quite funny. For those on the business side – this shows why it’s so crucial to have great physician leadership to complement what we do. It’s not one or the other, we have to work together if anything is going to change.