Leadership during COVID-19 (April 20th)

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Leadership during COVID-19 (April 20th)

Thanks to our #NYCHBLeaders for all you are doing during COVID-19. These are our featured leaders from the past week. If you’d like to nominate a company, please complete this form.

Capsule is working overtime with health systems and community agencies to deliver meds to the most vulnerable populations during COVID-19. They are also hiring furloughed NYC employees to help with this increased demand.

MDCalc has launched a free COVID-19 resource center and EHR-integrated COVID-19 Toolkit to help clinicians save time and make better decisions at the point of care.  Special thanks to their CEO Joseph Habboushe (who’s also an ER doc) for his tireless work on the frontlines. He was profiled this week in AP News.

LifeSci NYC Internship program is helping college and graduate students who want to pursue careers in healthcare. On behalf of NYCEDC, the program is continuing to place students into summer internships at dozens of NYC’s life sciences companies. Please consider hosting one, this is the future of our industry!

Twiage has developed a COVID-19 solution that sends custom alerts to hospitals, informing them of incoming ambulances carrying suspected COVID-19 patients. This gives hospitals time to prepare isolation in advance to protect staff. The solution has already helped 45 hospitals and 126 EMS agencies in 11 states.

NYC COVID-19 RAPID RESPONSE COALITION was founded by five NYC healthcare leaders, Trevor PriceShoshanah BrownBill BernsteinLonny Reisman & Iyah Romm. In just a few short weeks, they’ve put together an amazing team to ship PPE supplies, provide food, transport & meds to the most vulnerable, and published a playbook and case study for other cities and communities to use. Please consider making a donation or volunteering to help support this incredible project.