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NYCHBL sponsor Remedy Health Media

Featured Sponsor

Remedy Health Media, the leading health information and technology company, is NYCHBL’s sponsor of the month for September. Remedy provides consumer health content in an emotionally engaging way to help millions of patients live healthier and more fulfilled lives.

Remedy’s signature platform—Live Bold, Live Now™️—shares inspiring stories of real patients who have defied the odds to triumph over their condition. These immersive multi-media experiences empower other patients to take action so they too can live boldly.

Through award-winning, cutting edge innovative digital, mobile, interactive and point of care programs, Remedy connects relatable and accessible Real Experts to Real Patients, resulting in deeper patient engagement, more patient actions, better health outcomes and creates high value interactions for our business partners.

Remedy is headquartered in New York City with offices in Arlington, VA and Northampton, MA. Learn more about Remedy initiatives and products at www.remedyhealthmedia.com.

We have an exceptional group of corporate sponsors who not only believe in our mission but also provide advice, support and often space.

Remedy Health Media is one of America’s fastest growing health information and technology companies.  They are a leading provider of clinical resources and wellness tools that help millions of patients and caregivers live healthier, more fulfilled lives.

Their mission is to empower patients and caregivers with the information and applications needed to efficiently navigate the healthcare landscape and as a result, to permit better health outcomes through use of our products and services.