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Featured Sponsor

We have an exceptional group of corporate sponsors who not only believe in our mission but also provide advice, support and often space. Each month we will highlight different Platinum and Gold sponsors.

About Clarify Health

Clarify Health is an enterprise analytics platform company that turns healthcare data into actionable insights for health systems, ACOs, health plans, and life sciences companies. Its healthcare analytics software products enable customers to manage referrals, optimize networks, improve care delivery, manage population risk, maximize value-based care performance, and commercialize pharmaceutical and biotechnology products – all of which depend on a superior understanding and trending of individual patient journeys and cohorts. The analytics and insights surfaced in its software solutions are drawn from the Clarify Platform, which elevates the usability of healthcare data to a standard suitable for machine learning, at a scale heretofore unseen in healthcare analytics. Its patient-level data sets are comprehensive and longitudinal, and span over 300 million lives of government and commercial claims, lab, prescription, and social determinants data.

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