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Featured Sponsor

We have an exceptional group of corporate sponsors who not only believe in our mission but also provide advice, support and often space. Each month we will highlight different Platinum and Gold sponsors.

About Clarify Health Solutions

Clarify Health Solutions, Inc. delivers advanced analytics and digital solutions that empower physicians, health systems, payers and life science organizations to optimize patient care and clinical trials. The Clarify Health platform seamlessly integrates clinical, claims, social determinant, lab, and prescription data on over 200 million lives, and leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate actionable insights. The power of Clarify’s cloud-based analytics stack, inspired by pioneering financial services analytics technology, drives the patient risk stratification, user engagement, and impact that differentiate our solutions. Clarify brings together committed colleagues with industry-leading backgrounds in data science, big data engineering, and enterprise software, together with extensive clinical, operations, and change management expertise.

For more information, please visit http://www.clarifyhealth.com and follow on Twitter @ClarifyHealth.