Telehealth’s Future:How Rosy is the Picture post-Pandemic?

NYC Health Business Leaders > Telehealth’s Future:How Rosy is the Picture post-Pandemic?

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Telehealth was the breakout star of COVID-19 when virtually overnight doctors and patients jumped on the virtual care bandwagon. Now that physician offices are open again, the question is to what extent will virtual care remain a force. This session will cover issues related to the future of telehealth adoption and care delivery: platforms, patient access/lack of access, insurance coverage, privacy and security.



Melynda Barnes, MD

SVP, Medical Affairs and Research, Ro
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Yves Duroseau, MD, MPH

Chair of Emergency Medicine, Lenox Hill Hospital
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Amanda (Heron) Parsons MD, MBA

Deputy Chief Medical Officer, MetroPlus Health Plan, Clinical Asst. Prof. at Albert Einstein College of Medicine
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Laurel Pickering

Executive Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, Welldoc, Inc.
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Linda A. Malek

Partner, Moses & Singer and chair, Health and Privacy/Cybersecurity practice groups (MODERATOR)
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