The Rise of Retail Healthcare

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6:00 to 8:00 pm

1114 Avenue of the Americas (42-43 Sts), 46th Floor The Grace Building New York, NY 10036

Last September, our moderator Charles Boorady, General Partner of TT Capital Partners, wrote a prescient blog post: A Glimpse at Healthcare’s Retail Future. As Charles noted, “The intersection of healthcare and retail is rapidly moving off the white board and onto Main Street.” In New York, as well as the rest of the country, the trend is accelerating.

Pharmacies are housing health clinics, delivering flu shots, treating colds, counseling chronic disease patients – they are taking on roles that the primary care physician typically provided. Urgent care centers have upended the hospital emergency department for non-life-threatening but acute health issues. Diagnostics are moving way beyond physician-driven testing and traditional lab-to-provider communications. There are now a plethora of direct-to-consumer tests and a concerted effort to make lab test results accessible and understandable to the average patient.

There’s no doubt that healthcare is headed in more a consumer-friendly direction. As this change takes hold, we need to consider how to equip patients with the information they need to make good choices. We also need to address whether these new models of delivery will lead to better outcomes or increased fragmentation. Our speakers are on the forefront of this new path forward and will help us understand how these new models will impact care delivery and payment.



Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, and Group Executive – Diagnostic Solutions businesses
Quest Diagnostics
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Senior Vice President, Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer
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General Partner
TT Capital Partners
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