Meaning, Growth & Connection: How to Thrive During COVID and Beyond

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Our community has said that a major challenge of COVID-19 has been maintaining personal and professional well-being and engagement. On October 28th, NYCHBL hosted interactive session with Dr. Julie Kolzet, a clinical psychologist, and Michele Galen, an executive coach and former pharmaceutical executive, who shared insights and ideas for personal growth and leadership.

After the presentations from each speaker, our group had a meaningful discussion about finding purpose and direction and everyone left feeling more positive and connected, with ideas and actions to take forward both personally and professionally.

“This was a great way to connect during the pandemic (and, I am learning from participation in other organizations, a way to enhance connections regardless of pandemics)”  Also, I really appreciated the intimacy and feeling of comfort with sharing, blending professional and personal. 


CLICK HERE to download the presentation slides.



Dr. Julie Kolzet, Ph.D

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
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Michele Galen

Certified Executive Coach and former Pharma Executive
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