Building a Health Equity Culture with Dr. Uché Blackstock

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Dr. Uché Blackstock is a Harvard-trained (College & Medical School) Emergency Medicine physician who is one of the nation’s leading voices on health disparities and equity. She frequently appears as an expert on CNN, MSNBC and Yahoo News, and testified before Congress addressing racial health disparities in the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. Blackstock spent 15 years in academic medicine, most recently at NYU Langone Medical Center, before leaving at the end of 2019 to launch Advancing Health Equity. The organization’s primary mission is to help close the gap of persistent healthcare inequities by focusing on how healthcare providers care for a diverse patient population and how healthcare organizations support a diverse workforce. During this one-on-one interview, we discussed what inspired Dr. Blackstock to leave academia, launch the company and help the healthcare and business community address the critical factors that contribute to health inequities.

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Dr. Uché Blackstock

Founder & CEO, Advancing Health Equity
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