Founder & Funder Fridays: Vijay Kedar & Nimi Katragadda

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12:30 - 1:30 PM

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Our Founder & Funder series continues in this candid interview with Vijay Kedar, co-founder and CEO of Tomorrow Health, a start-up focused on home-based healthcare, along with Nimi Katragadda, a partner at BoxGroup, an early stage investor in well-known digital health companies like Flatiron, Oscar, Ro, Maven, Alma and…Tomorrow Health.

The move towards “hospital at home” has increased exponentially since COVID and we’ll hear how this founder and his team are tackling growth, recruiting, and market adoption. On the investing side, we’ll discuss Nimi’s philosophy of meeting founders at the very beginning and her predictions on this sizzling market and advice for entrepreneurs.


Vijay Kedar

Co-Founder and CEO, Tomorrow Health
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Nimi Katragadda

Partner, BoxGroup
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Bunny Ellerin

Co-Founder & CEO, NYCHBL
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