ELITE 2019: Mike Cunnion & Lou Sanquini

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ELITE 2019: Mike Cunnion & Lou Sanquini

NYCHBL Board Members Mike Cunnion (Remedy Health Media) & Lou Sanquini (Healthagen / CVS Health) Receive Prestigious PM360 Award


We are very excited and proud to announce that two of our NYCHBL Advisory Board Members have been selected for the prestigious PM360 ELITE 2019 award, recognizing the most influential people in the healthcare industry—true catalysts who are creating extraordinary results.

Mike Cunnion
Chief Executive Officer
Remedy Health Media

Mike is a transformative figure in health publishing. From his time as an early employee of WedMD to his current role guiding Remedy Health Media, he has always believed that patients and healthcare professionals need credible information, innovatively presented, to inspire positive action. READ FULL ARTICLE ON PM360.


Louis Sanquini
Vice President, Life Science Group
Healthagen, CVS Health

Lou has been a healthcare innovator and disruptor for more than 25 years. He currently leads a team that takes a holistic view of the healthcare landscape, conducting real-world evidence studies to understand the clinical impact of novel and traditional pharmaceutical products along with cutting-edge technology and digital therapeutics. READ FULL ARTICLE ON PM360.