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NYC Digital Health 100

Now in its 3rd year, the NYC Digital Health 100 (DH100) celebrates the most innovative and exciting health start-ups in the New York area. We are excited to showcase the companies that are making a real difference in healthcare. For 2022, we are expanding our selection criteria for the first time to include companies outside the 5 boroughs operating within the New York metro area

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Digital health is a broad term. Here is last year’s list (and to the left) to give you an idea of the types of organizations we consider under the digital health umbrella.

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NYC Digital Health 100

We’re so excited for the 2022 NYC Digital Health 100. Now in its 3rd year, we are looking for the most innovative and exciting start-ups in New York digital health.

Applications open in early November. To be notified, complete this short form.

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H1 2021 New York Healthcare Innovation Midyear Report

Our Midyear Report covering H1 2021 is out! The first half of 2021 made NY healthcare history: $5.2B across 123 companies, 88% going to digital health. Our new report contains the latest stats on funding as well as insights from entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders.

Beyond the dollars invested—which have been substantial—the sheer variety of innovative companies tackling problems throughout the healthcare ecosystem stands out. From insurance, pharmacy, primary care, and analytics to genomics, diagnostics, mental health, care coordination, patient engagement, and women’s health, New York entrepreneurs are creating and building transformative solutions. This talent and the breadth of  their innovations have and will continue to make New York a healthcare giant.

Q1 2021 New York Healthcare Innovation Quarterly Report

The Q1 2021 Funding Report is here! With $2.4B invested across 64 innovative start-ups, Q1 2021 will go down in NYC funding history as the largest quarter ever. The quarterly report provides funding data as well as insights from CEOs, investors and thought leaders from NY’s healthcare ecosystem.