April 2021 News

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April 2021 News

Industry Resources


BDO published new findings on the rising popularity of SPACs in the life sciences industry. In 2020, several large biotech investors announced the formation of new SPACs. Read BDO’s insight to find out why SPACs are rising in popularity again and what life sciences organizations should consider before pursuing a SPAC.

Endocrine Web released a new special report looking at race and diabetes. The report examined why Black, Indigenous, and Latinx people are more likely to get the disease, suffer from its many complications, and ultimately die from it, compared to whites, along with what can be done to right the disparity.


Job Openings


PulsePoint is hiring for a number of positions, including Director of Data Analytics Strategy, Business Process Analyst/Salesforce Administrator, Vice President, CTV and Senior Data Analyst. Learn more about all the open roles and apply here.

Remedy Health Media is looking for a Social Media Editor who has a deep knowledge of social media platforms and a compassionate understanding of those who live with health conditions, diseases, and illnesses. Note, the job posting says the DC area but they are open to the NY area and to remote as well. Learn more about the role and apply here.


Industry News


Acupath Labs, located in Plainview, Long Island, is adding low cost saliva-based COVID19 PCR testing to support “Return to Work / School / Life / Entertainment” initiatives and offers GUARANTEED 24 Hour turn-around-time, or it’s free! Click here to learn more.

Aetion announced a new partnership with the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) to generate real world evidence to inform value reassessments for three hereditary angioedema treatments. ICER’s updated assessment will leverage observational RWE analyzed by Aetion, as part of the ongoing collaboration between the two organizations, and consistent with ICER’s commitment to expand use of RWE to complement other sources of information used in its value assessments.

Anatomed, Inc. is introducing a new, contactless hand-washing timer. The industrial quality timer is easily installed in a restroom, kitchen, or exam room. It can be branded with a sponsor’s logo and increases 20 seconds hand hygiene compliance.

Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health published a new research study spearheaded by Assistant Dean and Director of Career Services, Heather Krasna. Krasna and colleagues analyzed 35,000+ job postings, found that employer demand for graduates with master’s level degrees in public health has remained strong throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. They also wish to thank the NYCHBL community for continually supporting Mailman and their students.

GoMo Health CEO and Behavioral Technologist Bob Gold wrote an article featured in Oncology Practice Management, “Digital Therapeutics in the Oncology Outpatient Setting”.

Health Catalyst Capital led two new equity financings this quarter, Glooko a leading provider of remote patient monitoring and chronic care management solutions raised a $30 million financing round and Clearsense, an advanced data management and analytics technology platform, secured $30 Million in new funding to expand its data platform-as-a-service technology and advisory services to lead the healthcare industry.

Health Central published Race-Norming in Health Care: A Special Report that takes a deep dive into ‘race-norming,’ referring to the adjustment of medical test results or medical risk assessments based on a patient’s race—and it could mean that proper care is denied. Many doctors use risk assessment tools that factor skin color into a specific score—often at the expense of Black people. And while race informs many everyday clinical decisions and calculations across multiple fields of medicine, not all determining factors are not biological or racial in nature—rather, they are socioeconomic issues that point to existing health disparities between Americans with different skin colors. The piece also explores that despite the prevalence of such a wide array of race-based assessment tools, little is known about their impact—or even how much, exactly, they are being used.

PatientPoint has teamed up with the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative to launch the first multifaceted COVID-19 vaccine awareness campaign for the point of care. The comprehensive campaign will reach nearly 150,000 healthcare professional offices and aims to educate patients about the COVID-19 vaccines and help bridge the gap between vaccine-hesitant groups, including Black and Hispanic communities, and the healthcare system.