5 Years Strong

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5 Years Strong

We celebrated our fifth anniversary last week at the sold-out event on New Payment Models. During the evening I reflected on where we started and where we are today.

In 2009, when Dr. Yin Ho, CEO of Context Matters, and I (Bunny Ellerin) founded this group, there was very little excitement around healthcare in our city. If you wanted to be part of the action, you’d go to Boston, San Francisco, San Diego, but not New York.

Fast forward five years, and today there are health accelerators, biotech incubators, tons of health start-ups, a gleaming new Genome Center downtown and a gorgeous Life Sciences campus at Alexandria. It’s thrilling to be part what is really becoming a healthcare ecosystem in NY.

I think it’s fair to say that NYC Health Business Leaders has contributed to the growth. Whereas once the healthcare scene was quiet, now it’s becoming noisy. As a result, I believe what we do has become even more essential.

3 Key Differentiators
First, we’re cross-sector and have been since the beginning. We don’t do silos – we believe that all parts must collaborate to bring about change. Our base typifies that. We come from all areas of healthcare: life sciences, payors, hospitals, health tech, media, communications – and the list goes on.

Second is our relentless focus on quality. We care about the content. It’s why our events are sold-out time and again. Our goal is to make sure you stay ahead of the trends and walk away with real insights you can use tomorrow and beyond.

Finally we attract people like you – those leading, innovating and driving healthcare forward. CEO’s. Senior executives. Physicians. Entrepreneurs. Networking is essential to the growth of an ecosystem. We want NYCHBL to help you develop meaningful connections to help your business grow.

The Future
We are excited about the future and want you to be a part of it. We are immensely grateful to our core group of corporate supporters:











If you’d like to become more involved and contribute to our 2015 agenda, which will include events, private dinners and other points of connection, please get in touch soon at bunny@nychbl.com.