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Telehealth was the breakout star of COVID-19 when virtually overnight doctors and patients jumped on the virtual care bandwagon. Driving usage was not only that offices were shut down, but also the temporary easing of regulatory and reimbursement restrictions. And investors took note – NYCHBL and AlleyCorp reported in The State of NYC digital Health that money poured into the sector during second and third quarters of 2020.

Now that physician offices are open again and patients can resume seeing doctors in person, telehealth levels are dropping. We knew this would occur, but the question is to what extent will virtual care remain a real force. In this session, we will cover many issues related to the future of telehealth adoption and care delivery: post-COVID coverage and reimbursement, privacy and security concerns of various platforms, and the challenges and opportunities for outreach, including inequities in access to telehealth.


Upcoming Events

Our community has said that a major challenge of COVID-19 has been maintaining personal and professional well-being and engagement. Anxiety, depression and stress are on the rise. On a personal level, we are challenged to find meaning in this unsettling time and to use this to positively move forward. As leaders, we must pivot to meet new expectations for our businesses and emerging needs of our employees.

This interactive Workshop will feature Dr. Julie Kolzet, a clinical psychologist, and Michele Galen, an executive coach and former pharmaceutical executive, who will share insights and ideas for personal growth and leadership. They will also lead the group through exercises and small breakouts to foster an open conversation about purpose and direction. Prior to the Workshop, you will have the opportunity to submit answers to a few questions that will help Dr. Julie Kolzet and Michele Galen learn more about the specific needs of our group.

Our goal is that you’ll leave feeling more positive and connected, with an idea or action you might take forward on your own or at work.

All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to support mental health charities.


To recognize the efforts of those displaying leadership during COVID-19, we have launched a new initiative called #NYCHBLeaders. Click below to learn more about these inspiring healthcare leaders.


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“The audience was engaged and obviously passionate about the ways in which innovation is transforming healthcare.”

Vic Clavelli
President, North America
Inflammation & Immunology

“You nailed it! Great showing last night.  Terrific speakers.  It was one of the best panel discussions I’ve seen locally in quite some time.” 

Dr. Amanda Parsons
Vice President
Community & Population Health

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